The Côtes de Bourg region is fondly referred to as “Gironde’s little Switzerland”…

Côtes de Bourg

With stunning panoramic views over the confluence of the rivers Garonne and Dordogne, Clos du Notaire’s vineyard enjoys a microclimate linked to the proximity of the estuary and the sun exposure of its south-facing hillsides. This unique setting provides mild temperatures and protects the vines from adverse climate conditions (storms, hail, frost…). In addition, a breeze generated by the changing tides keeps foliage constantly aerated and dry, which ensures the good health of the vines during the dormant period.

Our soils combine clay, ferruginous clay and red gravel near the surface. Thanks to the estate’s ideal sun exposure, our wines display intricate aromas of black fruits and spices. The limestone found underground, which was quarried for many years, improves drainage in winter and retains moisture in summer, giving the wines a touch of freshness and acidity which makes them a great choice for laying down.


One third of the 21 hectares of vines are over 30 years old and the oldest vine stocks date back to 1956. The vineyard includes traditional grape varietals such as Merlot noir, Cabernet franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Recently planted Malbec grapes, fourth main varietal in the appellation, is to be harvested in 2017.

The vines are trellised using traditional methods and grown in an environmentally friendly way.

Le Clos du Notaire’s unique combination of terroir, weather conditions and rigorous winemaking techniques meet all the requirements of the Protected Geographical Indication “Côtes de Bourg”.